About Alterra

Alterra Underground is a competent, honest and hardworking HDD contractor, with the knowledge and experience to complete all tasks put forth by our customers.

We do our best every single day, with a focus on safety and production.  

We Provide:

Directional Boring and Trenchless services for oilfield and civil utility construction.

We Supply:

All required support equipment; mud tanks, excavators, vac unit, trucks & trailers.

Our Crews:

We have a seasoned staff and operate well-maintained quality HDD equipment. Our crews are equipped with the industry’s latest steering equipment, logging software and digital as-built mapping capabilities.


   We work in some difficult places. Safety is the number one focus of our business without exception. Alterra is proud of the safety culture that we have established with our employees. Through JSA, personnel training and equipment inspection we’re able to provide the safe working environment that our customers expect.


We currently partner with the following associations to provide compliance and safety training for our industry:


We provide service throughout Colorado including the Western Slope and surrounding states.